Beef Special
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27. Goden Tibs  $15.00

Lightly sauteed tender cubed pieces of lamb and French cut lamb ribs mixed with onion, garlic, tomatoes and hot pepper.

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Tera sega Combo

39. Tera sega Combo for one for one $20.00 / Enough for two $25.00
Combination of Tibs Tera sega and salad

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Qita Firfir

36. Gored Gored - $14.00
Cubed meat smothered with awaize And nitir kebe

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33. Shero Be Quanta - $14.00
A strips of sun dried meat sauteed with special Butter soaked in shuro wat Served with injera.

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Yeawaze Tibs

30. Yeawaze Tibs - $14.00
Lean beef cubes pan fried with jalapeno, Onion and awaze

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Melasena - Sember

40. Melasena & Sember - $15.00
Beef trip and tongue cooked in mild hot pepper Sauce with onion and jalapeno and seasoned with ginger and garlic.

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Tera Sega

38. Tera Sega - $15.00
Lalibela style (Keremela qurt) raw meat Served with mitmita and injera.

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Kitfo Dulet

35. Kitfo Dulet - $14.00
Freshly minced, very lean Beef, tripe mixed With butter, onion and green pepper Kitfo is traditionally served raw, like steak tartar, or lebleb very rare.

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Quanta Firfir

32. Quanta  - $14.00
A strips of Sun dried meat sautéed with onion, gartic and special butter soaked in wat served with injera.

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ZilZil Tibs

29. ZilZil Tibs - $16.00
Strips of tender choice beef sautéed with Butter, Onions, zucchini, carrot hot pepper And spices.

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Lalibela Platter

46. Lalibela Platter - $17.00
Combination of Vegetarian peas, lentil, cabbatge, Collard green, split peas, doro wat, lamb or Beef dished arranged on the piatter.

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37. Cornis - $17.00
Combination of Tibs, Kitfo, Kenchi, Ayeb and Collared green served with injera.

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34. Kikel - $10.00
Light beef stew seasoned with awazie and tossed in injera

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Titanic Tibs

31. Titanic Tibs - $15.00
Baby lamb sautéed with butter, onion, hot Pepper served with bread or injera and salad.

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Special Lelibela Kitfo

28. Special Lelibela Kitfo - $14.00
Freshly Minced, very lean Beef mixed with Mitmita and butter, Kitfo is traditionally served Raw like steak tartar or lebleb very rare. The butter has special herbs Kaseret that give distinct flavor.


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